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The Galactic Battlefields wiki is a comprehensive database that anyone can edit. It describes the places, creatures, and things of the Galactic Battlefields universe, Daran.

This wiki was made by the Dragon Lords, (picture to the right) a gaming group that loves to create amazing fantasy locales for use in our gaming. We have created this universe so that everyone can see this awesome creation.

The Great WarEdit

The Great War is the most catastrophic event since the Desolation War. Two factions, the Vorakon Empire and the Galactic Union, have been fighting for almost twenty years. A small rebel orginazation calling themselves "The Severed" dealt a great blow to the capital of the Galactic Union. They ransacked the city of Tianther, causing a large conflict that lasted for three days. Eventually the Galactic Union defeated the Severed and drove them to the Mid-Rim world of Kalor, where they wait...

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